Tobias Lang, northman, photographer, streetartist, based in Hamburg, specialized on fashion, people photography.

His photography is unique, clear and sensitive.

He loves what he is doing and discovers a new creative world every day.

Tobias works mostly B2B, for magazines, ad agencies and companies.

Events, Weddings and concerts on special demand!



born in `67, Hairdresser, Makeupartist, Bartender, Surfteacher, Lightdesigner, IT Manager .....
....2008, coming from IT business, I've chosen the hard way, started an apprenticeship as a photographer, I finished sucessfull.
I wasn't born with a camera in my hands, didn't have an artistic family, just loved the idea of taking pictures and I still do.
In 2010 I moved to my hometown Hamburg, where I work as a freelance Photographer.



every day ....
As my life allway's contained a lot of contingency, I live that in my images too.
Simple sets, personal and temperamentally Images with a fine note of wiredness and "normality" ....

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